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Find short breaks and respite care

Find short breaks and respite care

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To find out more about short breaks and the types available read:

Short breaks give disabled children and young people the chance to spend time with friends, experience new activities, and develop new skills and independence. They also give parents and carers a break from their caring role and time to recharge their batteries. This used to be called “respite”.

There are different types of short break available. They can: 

  • Be a break for a child away from their family
  • Involve supporting families to take a short break together, away from routine of daily life. 

Short breaks can last a few hours, a day, evening, overnight or longer. They could take place in or away from the family home.

Short breaks we provide

These short breaks are provided by us:

To access and to see if your child is eligible them you'll need to ask for a disability assessment.

For more information read the Short Breaks for Children with Disabilities Statement (PDF document).

Short breaks from other providers

Some short breaks don't need you to have a disability assessment. You should contact each one to find out about eligibility and how to access them.

We're making some changes to the way we provide short breaks to young people with additional needs. 

To find out more read the changes to short breaks (PDF document).


The inclusion of any company / society / group / person’s within the directory should not be used as a recommendation of that company / society / group / person’s name products and / or services.

We'd advise that before you use any service not provided by Wokingham Borough Council listed you follow the advice on  checks to make before using services.

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