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Finished consultations

Finished consultations

The table below shows the results of recent consultations. If you would like to know results earlier consultations contact communityengagement@wokingham.gov.uk.

Business Engagement Survey

Service area
Deadline date for responses
20 May 2016
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation

In May 2016, the Council undertook a survey of businesses based in the borough. The purpose was to understand issues facing businesses within Wokingham borough, including their plans for growth, pressures and opportunities faced, and the support they may need to address these. 87% of respondents determined their current and projected business state as either excellent or good, and 82% of the businesses were aiming to grow or grow fast over the next 5 years. 


Respondents felt that positive aspects to conducting business in Wokingham borough were; the proximity of Wokingham borough to London and Reading, the high income of residents and the transport links. The main concerns businesses commented on were; the lack of car parking spaces, the traffic, and a lack of varied office space.


These concerns were taken into account when writing the updated Economic Development Strategy. An action plan will sit alongside the strategy. In addition to this, the Economic Sustainability team are looking into developing a business engagement programme which will build on the feedback from the survey.

Consultation findings (PDF document)
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