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Finished consultations

Finished consultations

The table below shows the results of recent consultations. If you would like to know results earlier consultations contact communityengagement@wokingham.gov.uk.

Carers Strategy Consultation

Service area
Deadline date for responses
15 January 2016
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation
What are we consulting on?
Wokingham Borough Council’s draft Carers Strategy 2015 -18 and the priorities and outcomes as set out in the Carers Strategy. Thank you for taking the time to take part in the consultation and for sharing your views with us about the draft Carers Strategy.
Why has a new Carers Strategy been developed?
The Care Act 2014 introduced new rights to services for carers. For example, from April 2015, carers are now entitled to the same level of support as people they care for. Carers have the right to have an assessment of their needs and an assessment is no longer dependant on the amount of care they provide.

There is a new minimum national eligibility criteria which all local authorities in England must comply with. If a carer meets the minimum eligibility criteria they will have the right to personalised support from the Council.
This new three year draft strategy and action plan has been developed to ensure that we comply with the new duties placed on local authorities as identified in the Care Act and the Children and Families Act 2014. It focuses on ways of supporting carers (adult carers of another adult and young carers) so they can continue to live fulfilling and healthy lives. It identifies the gaps in services for carers and sets out the direction and establishes the focus of our work over the coming years including developing services for carers.  

Does this affect you?
The proposed Carers Strategy affects all adult carers of another adult and young carers. It is not dependant on whether carers meet the eligibility criteria for support from the Council.

How have you decided on the five priorities as set out in the Carers Strategy?
The priorities have been decided on by listening to the voice of carers and the voluntary sector providers. In November 2014 we undertook a survey with carers and young carers to identify their needs and identify the gaps and improvement needed. This has been consolidated with further consultation activities obtaining carers views, and the views of the voluntary sector, at events over the past eight months.

Your chance to have your say
We would like you to give us your views by completing this questionnaire by 15 January 2016. Please ensure that you have read the draft Carers Strategy prior to completing this consultation.

The results of the consultation will be presented to the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Leadership in early 2016.

This consultation is for carers, young carers, voluntary sector providers, statutory services/professionals and others

Please ensure that you have read the draft Carers Strategy prior to completing the consultation

Consultation document (PDF document)
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