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Lower Earley Way Dualling

Lower Earley Way Dualling

Schedule of work

  1. Summer 2018: Detailed design complete and planning conditions discharged
  2. Autumn 2018: Data collection including archaeological and environmental studies
  3. Late Autumn 2018: Site preparation and utilities re-routing
  4. Early 2019: Construction begins
  5. Early 2020: Open for traffic


This project on Lower Earley Way will involve widening of the road to provide 2 lanes in each direction, between the Loddon Roundabout, near Showcase Cinema, and the new junction with the Winnersh Relief Road.

These dualling works are to accommodate the forecast traffic, which will be introduced by the completion of the Winnersh Relief Road (WRR). We will realign the existing footway/cycleway and add a new footway to the eastern side of the road.

The works to deliver the Lower Earley Way dualling scheme will involve widening the northbound carriageway, including renewing the kerb, existing surface water drainage infrastructure, road markings, road signs and other street furniture. Finally, the road will be resurfaced throughout the entire limits of the scheme.

Current project status      

Phase 1 of this improvement project, which will see the development of a new footway, has begun. During this phase the southbound carriageway of Lower Earley Way between the Showcase roundabout and the junction of Winnersh Relief Road Phase 1 will be closed. The road will remain open with a single lane running in each direction on the northbound carriageway. 

Construction phases

The main construction works will be carried out in 5 phases and is due to be completed early in 2020. A summary of the construction programme, including the dates for these phases, which are subject to change, are as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Southbound (March to May 2019) - Construction of new southbound footway
  • Phase 2 – Northbound (June to November 2019) - Construction of new northbound widening
  • Phase 3 – Culvert Island Site (December 2019) - Construction of culvert crossing
  • Phase 4  – Culvert Southbound (January 2020) - Construction of culvert crossing
  • Phase 4 and 5 – Resurfacing and Road Marking (February 2020) - Construction of new road surface

Further details about the works that will be carried out during each phase can be seen below under the 'Project update' section.

Traffic delays possible during works

Unfortunately these works are likely to result in restricted capacity at the Showcase Roundabout with the potential for congestion and delay. To mitigate this, we will be working closely with local businesses and the council’s My Journey team to develop and deliver a coordinated demand management plan, providing information and advice on the alternatives as well as up to date information on public transport options throughout the works.

We remain committed to the successful completion of this scheme and subject to unavoidable and unexpected circumstances, we aim to complete this scheme on time. Thanks for your patience.

Lower Earley Dualling is being progressed through permitted development rights under the town and Country Planning Act 1990 as the proposed works are on Public Highway or immediately adjoining Public Highway. A certificate of Lawful Development under Section 191 of the Act was provided by the Planning Authority in June 2016.

Details of the decision can be found on the planning portal under planning reference 162639.

Further to receipt of the above, the Planning Authority also confirmed that the scope of the proposed dualling works would not require a full Environmental Impact Assessment under the Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011.

Details of the decision can be found on the planning portal under planning reference 163459.

As part of the detailed design, a value engineering exercise was carried out. This has resulted in the reduction of the widening to the west side only.

This has significantly improved the buildability of the scheme and has reduced the construction programme and costs whilst providing the required highway capacity and an improved pedestrian link between Hatch Farm and the Loddon Roundabout. 

Subject to agreement on a detailed works programme and outstanding commercial matters, the main construction phase is due to commence in mid-January, beginning with some final utility diversion work and lasting between 13 to 14 months.

During this time there will be traffic management in place  to assist the future permanent works for the improvement project. 

Further details will be provided in due course. 

Latest newsletter

For the latest news about this project read the Lower Earley Way Dualling October newsletter (PDF document).

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Project updates

Read the Lower Earley Way Dualling construction methodology (PDF document) to find out more about the project.

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