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North Wokingham Distributor Road

North Wokingham Distributor Road

Why we're building a North Wokingham Distributor Road

There will be 4,000 new homes built in Wokingham by 2026 as part of our projects to build more houses. The North Wokingham Distributor Road (NWDR) will provide access to the new developments and help minimise the impact of increased traffic.

To find out more about the North Wokingham Major Development see the:


Current status

West of Old Forest Road – links the A329 Reading Road to the Toutley Road section of the NWDR. The planning application for this section had been submitted with construction due to be begin in Winter 2019, subject to planning permission.

Toutley Road – the preliminary design of this section is near completion with detailed design to follow shortly. Construction is due to begin in Winter 2019 with plans for it to be open to traffic by Winter 2020.                    

Matthewsgreen Farm (Queen’s Road) - This section which runs between the roundabout on Twyford Road and Toutley Road, through Matthewsgreen Farm, has been delivered by the developer and  is open to the public.

Bell Foundry Lane – improvements are currently being carried out to this section with the road being widened and footway/cycleway being constructed.

Ashridge Farm – this section will connect Bell Foundry Lane with the Kentwood Farm section which is being constructed by Crest Nicholson. The planning application for this section is expected to be submitted in early 2019 with construction planned to start in Spring 2020, subject to planning approval.

Kentwood Farm - the developer for Kentwood Farm is Crest Nicholson. The east section, named Diamond Jubilee Way, runs between the roundabout on Warren House Road and Pebblestone Cottage (now demolished) and has largely been delivered by the developer. The west section runs between the roundabout on Warren House Road and Ashridge Farm and is still under construction by Crest Nicholson.

Keephatch Beech (Oak Avenue) – This section runs from Diamond Jubilee Way to the  A329 London Road is being delivered by the developer Bellway Homes.

Consultation on the route

In September 2013 and October 2013 we consulted on routes for the North Wokingham Distributor Road. We got about 1,500 responses. This was one of our biggest consultation responses ever. 

We collected lots of useful information and there was a clear public preference for Alternative B. Following some suggestions and concerns raised by the consultation on 27 March 2014 our Executive approved funding for further technical studies.

We refined the design detail of Alternative B to take account of these suggestions and concerns and we presented to the Executive this refined recommended route at the end of September 2015.  

 See the  North Wokingham Distributor Road refinement options (PDF document)    

Other supporting documents for consultation on the route

Find out more

For more background information visit our major road projects document library.

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Updates about the North Wokingham Distributor Road

For more a detailed updates about: 

  • West of Old Forest Road, 
  • Astridge Farm
  • Toutley Road sections

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