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Art exhibitions in our libraries

Art in our libraries

Artwork exhibit at Woodley Library

Wokingham Library art exhibits in August

On display at Wokingham Library through May and June is painter Gemma Cumming who graduated in 2006 from Loughborough University (School of Art and Design) with a BA (Bachelor of Arts degree) in Fine Art. Looking at ideas of failed perfection, anticipation  and tourism, her work primarily reacts to imagery that sells an expectation of a place, not its reality.

Through various media she aims to subvert this kind of imagery. Primarily, she creates giant painted postcards with an ominous twist. Replacing the blue skies with darker and/or more ominous ones, while retaining the brightly lit foreground, and occasionally adding other incongruous objects she asks the viewer to look again at the scene. Visit Gemma's website to see more of her work.

Woodley Library exhibits in August

Embroiderers Guild - The Wokingham Branch of the Embroiderers Guild meets one evening a month in Wokingham. Sharing a common interest in textile art, ranging from machine and hand embroidery to felt-making, traditional and mixed media work, our skills range from beginners to more experienced practitioners. Evenings may include a talk from an invited speaker about their work or a practical evening where we learn from one another. You are warmly invited to join us - the first evening is free. For more information visit the Embroiderers Guild website or email annebeckingham@btinternet.com 

Paul Bell-Artist - 'This exhibition involves pieces of various themes that have been created over the past year
or so. I prefer precision materials such as pencils or pens since I enjoy the skill of observation that can be obtained through lines. I build my drawings up by referring parts to each other often starting untraditionally with areas of most extreme detail rather than building detail in after creating a rougher outline.'

'To say I have been educated in art would be misleading since at school all I wanted in class was a pencil and paper for me to get started. If someone were to tell me what to do or how to do it I would feel constrained. I believe that diversity should be maximised in art. Please email me at paulsportraiture@gmail.com if you would like to see more of my work or arrange for a portrait of people or animals.'   

Display your work

To find out about exhibiting at Woodley Library call Woodley Library on 0118 969 0304.

To find out about exhibiting at Wokingham Library call on 0118 978 1368.

The Mall Gallery

We also display community art in our Mall Gallery.

The Mall Gallery is open from 8.30am to 5pm on weekdays:

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