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Art exhibitions in our libraries

Art in our libraries

'Before the Storm' artwork by Paul Redfern
'Before the Storm' mixed media artwork by Paul Redfern

Wokingham Library art exhibits in September and October

Throughout September and October paintings by Paul Redfern will be on display at Wokingham Library.

Paul says: 

'Nature has been of great interest to me from a very early age and is the main influence in my work. The natural environment as a whole is my inspiration but the elements I really love are cracks and crevasses, natural erosion and the way in which nature sculpts the landscape.

Visiting places such as the Peak District, the Mediterranean, south England coastal areas and the dramatic Norwegian landscape and fjords have given me first-hand experience of the drama of the terrain.

The tonal qualities and formations of shadows and layers inspire my work, providing me with ideas to work the materials. Whilst working on paintings and ceramics, I have the intention to create three-dimensional qualities in the surface texture. When printing, however, it is more important to convey the ambience and tonal qualities of the landscape.'

You can see more of Paul’s work on the Paul Redfern website.

Display your work

To find out about exhibiting at Woodley Library call Woodley Library on 0118 969 0304.

To find out about exhibiting at Wokingham Library phone 0118 978 1368.

The Mall Gallery

We also display community art in our Mall Gallery.

The Mall Gallery is open from 8.30am to 5pm on weekdays.

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