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Art exhibitions in our libraries

Art in our libraries

Peta Jamieson's artwork
Peta Jamieson's artwork

Wokingham Library art exhibitions in November and December

Throughout November and December Ken Johns is showing landscape paintings at Wokingham Library, in his exhibition ‘Come Visit Cornwall’.

Journey through his paintings and arrive at the heart of St Ives by train. Wander through the quaint streets, or sit eating an ice cream overlooking the harbour. Maybe see the lifeboat return from service. Take a walk along the coastal path, past many Cornish tin mine stacks. If you are lucky you may see a lovely sunset at Lands End.

Woodley Library art exhibitions in November

The following artists will be displaying their work at Woodley Library throughout November.

Peta Jamieson - artist

Peta is a part time artist, living in Woodley, who finds art a fantastic reprieve from the corporate world. She loves the freedom of paint and says there is no right or wrong way to use it. She creates a variety of work: mainly abstracts and landscapes. She is very much a mixed-media artist as loves to use whatever is nearby. Most of her work is definitely a mix of watercolour and acrylic.

For more details visit the Peta Jamieson website or email petajamiesonartist@gmail.com.

Mandy Dodd - ceramist

Mandy Dodd lives and works from her home studio in the log cabin that used to house her puppetry business. She has a long history in all aspects of art including: painting, drawing, puppet-making, prop-building, and designing and painting theatre scenery. She gave this up, in part, due to the physical limitations of living with Multiple Sclerosis. This change helped her develop into the area of ceramics. She has since found clay to be both an addiction and a therapy. 

In 2014 she appeared alongside 2 other enthusiastic potters in the More4 television programme 'Monty Don’s Real Craft'. This was filmed in Whichford Pottery, with Adam and Jim Keeling acting as mentors. Mandy feels this pivotal experience is responsible for her growth as a ceramic artist. She feels each day is a gift to be filled in some way or other with clay. 

Mandy’s latest narrative work reflects her love for the English coast and countryside. She carves and alters forms thrown on the wheel and decorates them in a theatrical way using colourful slips and stains with brush and sponge. Her history of puppet-building is incorporated in that her animal forms all have their own individual character or a story to tell.

For more details about Mandy's work email dodd.mandy@yahoo.co.uk 

Display your work

To find out about exhibiting at Woodley Library call Woodley Library on  0118 969 0304.

To find out about exhibiting at Wokingham Library phone 0118 978 1368.

The Mall Gallery

We also display community art in our Mall Gallery.

The Mall Gallery is open from 8.30am to 5pm on weekdays.

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