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Tenant Services

These pages hold information for Tenants of Council Housing. 

An example of our Tenancy Agreement (PDF document.)

Tenant Services Local Standards

In consultation with tenants, Tenant Services have produced a set of standards detailing what tenants can expect from us as a landlord. Our local standards cover the following:

Tenant Involvement and Customer Care

 Tenant Involvement is very important at Tenant Services and we value the input that all tenants have into the service. Without tenant feedback Tenant Services is not able to address the issues, which really matter to tenants.


Tenant Services will provide a cost-effective repair and maintenance service to homes and communal areas in relation to choices offered and the needs of tenants.

Tenant Services will meet all legal require­ments that provide for the health and safety of the tenants in their homes.

Neighbourhood and Community

Tenant Services are committed to ensuring our neighbourhoods are clean, tidy and a place where people choose to live. Our aim is to contribute to the quality of life and the community safety of our tenants by being a visible presence in the neighbourhood and offering a customer friendly service, reporting issues promptly and providing feedback on outcomes through liaison with other agencies and departments within the Council.

These standards will be monitored regularly by the Working Groups and the Tenant and Landlord Improvement Panel to ensure that they are met.

Our Performance

You are able to find out about how well we serve tenants of Council Housing using our performance indicators, service standards and also find out how we are doing in the latest satisfaction surveys:

  • Service Standards are what you can expect when you contact us.
  • Performance Indicators are the numbers, facts and figures that tell you how well we are doing in serving our customers.
  • Satisfaction surveys are ways of measuring how well tenants, leaseholders and others stakeholders think we are doing.

Want to have your say on housing issues?  You can become involved in a number of different ways and can go to the Tenants' Involvement pages to find out more.

Tenant Services Authority

The Tenant Services Authority is the current regulator for all Landlords in England. Their role is to work with landlords and tenants to improve the standards of service tenants receive and monitor the performance of all landlords. This ensures that all tenants receive a quality service, and seeks to give tenants the power to contribute to the way services are delivered.

Residents' Associations

Residents' Associations are independent group of residents who have come together with the aim to improve their local neighbourhood and promote community spirit.

How we with Residents' Associations

The Tenant Involvement Team is able to help and support the initial set up of a new Residents' Associations; however this is restricted to areas where there are Wokingham Borough Council tenants.  Support can be given from the initial set of the group.  The Tenant Involvement Team will regularly liaise with the group.

Where possible, a member of Tenant Services (usually the Housing Officer or the Tenant Involvement Team) will attend Residents' Associations meetings.

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