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Council Tax bands

Council Tax bands

Find your Council Tax band

Find your Council Tax property band by entering your postcode into the  Council Tax band search on the Valuation Office Agency website

How much Council Tax will I have to pay?

Adult Social Care precept (extra tax)

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has made an offer to Adult Social Care Authorities. The offer is the option of an Adult Social Care Authority being able to charge a ‘precept’ of up to 2 percent on its Council Tax for the financial year beginning in 2016, without holding a referendum.

The idea of the precept is to help the authority pay for Adult Social Care needs. Subject to annual approval, the Secretary of State intends to offer this precept option each financial year up to, and including, the financial year 2019 to 2020.

For the financial year beginning 2016 the Secretary of State has determined (and the House of Commons has approved) a referendum principle of 4 percent. This will comprise of 2 percent for expenditure on Adult Social Care and 2 percent for other expenditure, for Adult Social Care Authorities. This means that authorities can set Council Tax up to this percentage in 2016 without holding a referendum. 

Parish precepts (extra taxes)

Parish precepts are additional taxes charged on each property to fund the town or parish council. The precepts are used to fund activities that benefit your community. Read the documents below for a list of parish precepts.

Town Council and Police Commissioner Leaflets

The following leaflets are produced by the relevant town councils or the Police.  Any queries on their content should be directed to them.

Useful websites

For more information about Council Tax and Parish Councils, Thames Valley Police or the Royal Berkshire Fire Brigade, visit the websites below

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