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Filming at our meetings

Filming at our meetings

Current government guidelines make it clear that local authorities should allow filming of their decision-making meetings. For example Full Council and Executive meetings. 
We're committed to being open and transparent and in July 2013 our Council agreed that Council and Executive meetings could be filmed from now on.
We have terms and conditions for anyone who wants to film one of our meetings including:

  • Filming from a fixed position
  • Respecting the public’s privacy 
  • Making sure any audio / visual recording isn't edited in a way that leads to misinterpretation of what actually happened

We also film Council, Executive and Planning meetings ourselves. When we film a meeting we always make sure this is made clear in any advanced publicity and shown on signs in the meeting.

If you'd like to film at a Council or Executive meetings read the guidelines and contact democratic.services@wokingham.gov.uk

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