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Building Control inspections

Building Control inspections

Our inspections ensure compliance with building regulations

When you undertake a building project, you're legally obliged as the property owner to make sure construction meets building regulations. By using our skilled, friendly and responsive inspection service, you ensure that your work complies with the correct legal requirements.

What do I need to do?

We recommend you take a personal involvement by meeting the builder and our surveyor on site. This helps clear up any problems before the builder leaves the site, and avoid issues that can arise from a lack of communication.

Planning permission may be required before work can start on site. Check the Planning Portal website, which has advice on whether your proposals require consent. Read our planning permission page for more details.

How to book an inspection

Contact us to book an inspection. Please ensure that all the necessary inspections are carried out. A completion certificate will not be able to be issued unless all required inspections are properly completed at the correct stages. Please check this with your builder.

What happens next?

We may visit on the commencement date (even though there may be nothing to inspect) to introduce ourselves, briefly discuss the job and answer any questions you may have. If the work is being done on a Building Notice, we will ask about how the work is to be constructed, the type and size of materials, and other appropriate questions.  This will help to give us some basic information in the absence of detailed plans. This doesn't mean that details cannot be altered later, but it does act as a basis to allow us to work out the design information and site inspections that will be needed.

It's in your own interest to agree a specification with your builder and to enter into a formal contract prior to starting. Our 'Choosing Your Builder' guidance can help you find a reliable and trustworthy builder, and has other useful information in protecting your investment.

Progress inspections, made during the course of the work, help to provide reassurance that your building works comply with the building regulations.

Why should I have a completion inspection?

It is essential that a satisfactory completion inspection is undertaken and a completion certificate is issued before you make your final payment and your business relationship ends with your builder.

You should request a final inspection once the building work is complete (except for decoration). Our Building Control Solutions team should be given notice that the site is ready for inspection within five days after the work has finished. We will issue a completion certificate free of charge to you and your agent (where requested).

If you don't do this, any remedial work required will be your responsibility to complete and may involve additional costs. This may also delay the sale of your property if the completion inspection has not been carried out, it will be declared as an outstanding matter on any legal search carried out by your purchaser's solicitors.

Future sale of the property

Our completion certificate is also required by solicitors as part of the house sale process to prove that the work complies with the building regulations. It will be needed if you sell your property in the future. The sale of your property may not be possible without it. We would recommend this certificate is kept safe, possibly with the deeds of your property. Future copies will not be obtainable free of charge. A further charge will be made to carry out a completion inspection at a later date, such as when the property is sold.

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