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Making simple alterations to buildings

Making simple alterations

Alterations requiring Building Regulation approval

Whilst there are some buildings that are exempt from the need to gain approval, you will generally need to submit a Building Regulation application form before you start any building work.

There are many alterations that you may consider undertaking yourself in the home, which do require building regulation approval (homeowner guide 1 - PDF document.)

Although seemingly trivial it will become a problem when you sell your property, as well as leaving you liable for prosecution, if you have not obtained building regulation approval before carrying the work out.

Contact us early for advice.

Visit the Planning Portal website to see whether your proposal requires planning permission.

Alteration work that requires building regulation approval

  • An extension to an existing house, such as a new bedroom, enlarged kitchen or living room.
  • Conversion of a loft, garage or basement in to a habitable room
  • Alterations, e.g. moving a staircase, installing a roof light, forming or widening an existing opening, removing a wall or chimney, installing solar panels or a wind turbine, installing cavity insulation, closing the side of a carport, underpinning
  • Electrical installation work for houses and flats including common areas and shared amenities, unless they use an electrician/ installer who is registered on the Competent Person Scheme. Visit the Competent Person Scheme website or read the Competent Person Scheme information on the Gov.uk website for more details
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