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Buildings exempt from Building Regulation approval

Buildings exempt from Building Regulation approval

Which buildings are exempt?

Extensions, garages, conservatories, porches and other types of work may be exempted from Building Regulation approval if they meet specific criteria.

Some building works are 'exempt' from needing building regulations approval if they satisfy specific requirements. What the requirements are depends on the type of work you're undertaking. If an exemption is possible, the work can proceed without the need to make a Building Regulation application. The same proposal may require planning permission.

Interactive guides

Use the Planning Portal website's interactive house guide and the Planning Portal website's interactive terrace guide to find out whether your proposal requires building regulations approval, planning permission, neither of these or both. Shops and flats are included in the terrace guide.

We advise you to contact us and our Planning team with details and sketches before proceeding too far.

It is advisable to ensure that any proposed structure is not constructed so that it restricts ladder access to windows serving a room in the roof or upper floor. These may be needed as an emergency escape route in the case of fire.


Contact us with your building regulation enquiry. If your proposal is found to be exempt from Building Control regulations, we'll provide written confirmation that the work does not require approval. This service does incur a charge. You may find it useful to keep our responses for future reference. This will be particularly helpful should you come to sell the property in the future.

Conservatories and porches

The construction of a conservatory or porch may not require Building Regulations approval if its construction meets certain requirements. Our homeowner guide page helps explain these requirements in more detail. 

Garages and carports

Small garages and carports do not require Building Regulations approval if they meet certain requirements.

Detached buildings

There are a number of situations where the construction of a detached building does not require Building Regulations approval.  


A small number of extensions with specific uses can be built without the need for a Building Regulation application.

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