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Scaffolding and hoarding licences

Scaffolding and hoarding

You need a licence to fix hoarding or scaffolding on or next to a road. 

Hoardings licence

A hoardings licence is needed if you provide a hoarding to separate building work from a street.

We may require a temporary footway outside the hoarding and lighting the hoarding during the hours of darkness.

Contact our building control team to find out more.

Scaffolding licence

To build scaffolding on or over a road you'll need a licence from us. 

You'll need to consider traffic and pedestrians while the scaffolding is being erected and dismantled.

Scaffolding can only be erected or dismantled in Wokingham town centre before 8am or after 7pm Monday to Saturday, or during normal hours on Sunday. 

How to apply for a licence

Complete the

Then send it to Building Control, Shute End, Wokingham, RG40 1BN along with:

  • A cheque / postal order to cover the fee for the licence, made payable to Wokingham Borough Council
  • Copy of details of indemnity insurance cover to value of £2.5m, increased to £5m for scaffolding over 5 metres
  • A drawing, if necessary, showing details of the structure and safety measures
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