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Dangerous structures

Dangerous structures

Report a dangerous structure or building

If you consider that a building has become dangerous to members of the public, contact us during office hours. You can also report a dangerous structure online. It helps if you can supply as much information as you can, including contact details for the owner if known. Don't use email - we may need to respond quickly. Outside of office hours, if the property presents immediate danger to the public, please contact us via our emergency out of hours page.   

What happens next?

When we receive a report about a dangerous structure, we'll inspect the property as soon as possible and make arrangements to make it safe. This may be by contacting the owner and asking them to deal with it, or in an emergency, we will take whatever steps are necessary to prevent danger to the public. The owner of the property is legally responsible for it, so if these arrangements incur a cost, we will claim it back from them.

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