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Why use Building Control Solutions?

Why use Building Control Solutions?

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About us

Building Control Solutions brings together the Building Control Services of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, West Berkshire Council and Wokingham Borough Council into one partnership. Read our Building Control service information (PDF document) for more details.

Benefits of using our service

We offer a cost effective and customer friendly service. We work with clients on an extensive range of commercial works, new housing developments and domestic projects. As either a homeowner (PDF document), builder (PDF document) or agent (PDF document) we work with you, and most importantly for you.

As a homeowner, you may be undertaking a project for the first time. We offer early advice and support throughout your project. Helping to offer you many benefits (PDF document).

As a commitment to training and development, we are recognised as a Training Affiliate with the Chartered Association of Building Engineers.

Competitive charges

Contact us for a competitive and fully inclusive charge. 

Building Control inspections

We offer an experienced, high quality inspection service to ensure your work is carried out and completed to a compliant standard.

Work shown on building plans may be in accordance with the building regulations, but it is the work on site, which frequently departs from the approved drawings, that's also required to comply with the building regulations. For this reason, we place great emphasis on our inspection process - our Customer Charter (PDF document) based on all necessary inspections being carried out at the appropriate stages of construction.

If you're a developer, it's in your interest that our first class inspections of your property take place. This will ensure that any faults found are corrected at that time, rather than costly problems occurring later. If you are a building owner, we act in your interest to ensure that you don't inherit any problems by way of major defects becoming apparent later.

If you are in any doubt over building regulation requirements, would like to discuss our inspection service, or require further information, you can always come down to our offices.

What our service offers

The Building Control service will

  • Provide a checking service to help you achieve compliance with building regulations
  • Support and advise you on how to achieve the result you want (though this is not a substitute for professional design and construction advice)
  • Help with aspects of quality (workmanship and materials) where these affect compliance with building regulations, but not where they don't have an impact on compliance
  • Ensure that all building regulations which are set in the interests of the wider public good are complied with at completion

The Building Control service will not:

  • Be responsible for compliance - that is the duty of the person carrying out the work (if work is found not to comply with building regulations, the person responsible could be prosecuted, and the owner of the building may be required to put the work right)
  • Manage every stage of the construction process on site - that is a matter for the contract and arrangements made between the client and their builder
  • Address such issues as the finish and aesthetics of the final project where these are not relevant to compliance with building regulations - these are a matter for designers, developers, builders and, to some extent, new home warranty providers
  • Deal with contractual problems between client and builder - this is a matter of contract law
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