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Submit building regulations

Submit building regulations

Use the online form below to submit your building notice, full plans or regularisation application online.

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Submit building regulations

We will contact you for payment as we don't currently have the facility to collect online payments.


1. Application you want to make

About this application:

This section only applicable if 'application for regularisation certificate' applied for.

The work in this application has taken place after 11 November 1985. Applying for regularisation for something built before this date is unnecessary / not possible

2. The building you want to work on (see below)

The building you want to work on: If a precise address has not yet been allocated please provide an accurate description for location purpose. We will also use this information to determine the location of any public sewers. You cannot build over, or close to, a public sewer without the consent of the public water utility company.

3. The work you want to carry out (e.g. single storey extension to enlarge kitchen)

4. Your details

Your details. You are the person the work is being carried out for, for example the building owner. If the owner is a company, give the address of the head office.

Do you have an agent? (builder, architect, etc.)

5. Your agent's details

(If you have an agent or other person submitting the application on your behalf)

6. What you will be using the building for

State whether the building is a building in relation to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies, or will apply after completion of the building work.
Does the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 apply to this building?

7. Planning permission

Has planning permission, listed building and/or conservation area consent been applied for?

Does application have planning permission?

8. Extension of Time – (Full Plans Submissions Only)

The Building Act allows 5 weeks to give a decision on a ‘full plans’ submission. Our aim is to process every submission as soon as possible.

In some cases we may require more information from you. To allow you time to obtain this information, we suggest that you agree to the extension of the 5 week period to 2 months. (It won't delay our processing of your application.)

Do you agree to extend the time period from 5 weeks to 2 months?

9. Conditions – (Full Plans Submissions Only)

This allows you to submit additional information at a later date.

Do you agree to us passing the plans but setting certain conditions?

10. Freedom of Information

If you believe that the information is confidential, say 'yes' here


11. Copy of completion certificate (free)

Would you like an additional copy of the completion certificate to be sent to your agent?


Do you want to be considered for disabled persons exemption (see below)

Disabled exemptions In certain specific circumstances, where work is solely for the benefit of people with disabilities, charges may not be payable. The law defines 'a person with disabilities' as a person who is within any of the descriptions of persons to whom section 29(1) of the National Assistance Act 1948 applied, as that section was extended by virtue of section 8(2) of the Mental Health Act 1959, but not taking into account amendments made to section 28(1) by paragraph 11 of schedule 13 of the Children Act 1989. The law states 'a certificate or letter is required from a health professional to this effect (for example from a doctor or occupational therapist) in support of an application for exemption of charges'. Contact us for more information about the liability to pay charges on particular projects for people with disabilities.

Do you want to be considered for disabled persons exemption?
Would you like to upload supporting documents?

Keep total size of attachments below 2Mb, or the form won't submit.

Later by email

If you do not have documents prepared, you can email the documents separately to us at building.control@wokingham.gov.uk

12. Charges

The charges in respect of Full Plans, Building Notices or Regularisation Applications will not be refunded. The Regularisation Charge is payable for the inspection of the site works, and not for the issuing of the regularisation certificate.

Agreement to conditions of charges

13. Statement

I am sending this notice for the building work described above under Regulation 12(2)(a) and (b) of the Building Regulations 2010.

I understand that I may have to pay another charge when you inspect the work for the first time. I will pay this charge when I receive an invoice.

I also declare that the submitted plans are the same as those deposited for planning approval (if applicable).

I agree to all of the statements above
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