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Building Control - making an application

Apply for Building Control

Apply for a Building Notice, Full Plans or Regularisation Certificate

We offer 2 simple ways to apply and pay for Building Control services online:

  • Our in-house online forms are suitable for simple domestic projects which don't need the submission of detailed drawings or plans.

Submit-a-Plan website

At least 1 accurate dimension is required on the plans you submit in order for the system to scale your application.

You can also track the progress of a current application online, all you need to provide is the application number (e.g. 14/0001) or alternatively the property address.

Telephone applications

We also offer telephone applications for simple types of work which may not involve drawings. This enables customers to submit their application over the phone and make a payment. This service will save you filling in any forms. If you would like to submit an application over the phone or need further information, call us.

Building Regulation postal application form

Our single Building Regulation application form is available as either a Building Regulation submission form (Word document) or Building Regulation submission form (PDF document). You can use it to submit either a Full Plans, Building Notice or an Application for a Regularisation Certificate with hard copy drawings. Just tick the relevant box at the top of the form to indicate which type of submission you wish to make.

Other postal forms:

The forms below help you to apply for specific aspects of our service.

Search our Building Control 'Tracker' Register

You can search our archive online Building Control Register, which provides details of current and historical building regulation applications. You can also track the progress of your current application and do initial property searches by viewing the archive application information on a specific property within our database. Copies of notices and certificates are available at an additional charge. Please see our Miscellaneous Charges (PDF document) for details. We recommend that you firstly search the relevant archive online register, below, to confirm that we have received an application for the property concerned. You may then choose, between our standard response of 10 working days or, on the payment of an additional charge within 48 hours, to receive copies of any relevant notices or certificates.

All you need to know is the application number e.g. 07/00001 or the property address. You may also carry out a search for a series of applications by street name:  

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