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Using our Registrar Service in other venues

Using our Registrar ServiceĀ in other venues

How to book a wedding 

  • Choose your venue and make a provisional booking with them
  • Phone us to discuss your potential date and time
  • Pay your fee to us for our Registrar service
  • Confirm your booking with your venue - if it isn't our venue

Fees for our Registrar Service

  • Monday to Thursday - £407 (6pm to 8pm - £483)
  • Friday and Saturday - £469 (6pm to 8pm - £554)
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays - £534 (6pm to 8pm - £686) 

Payment can be made by cheque made payable to Wokingham Borough Council, cash or card (excluding American Express.) An extra charge of £2 applies to payments made by credit card.

What happens after booking

  • A letter confirming details of your booking
  • Information about your legal requirement to give notice
  • A wedding pack including the details of your ceremony form (PDF document) that allows you to personalise your ceremony - complete and return this as soon as possible  


On the day

  • Before the ceremony starts the Registrar or Civil Partnership Officer will need to check that the details given during the 'legal notice' appointment are updated
  • If you prefer each person can be interviewed separately to avoid seeing each other before the ceremony
  • If you choose to be interviewed together arrive 20 minutes before the ceremony is due to start
  • If you choose to be interviewed separately partner 1 arrives 30 minutes before and partner 2 arrives 15 minutes before  

Pre-ceremony appointment

If you want to discuss your ceremony more you can book a 30 minute appointment with us 2 to 3 weeks before hand.

Appointments are during normal working hours and cost £22.

Phone 0118 974 6000 to make an appointment.

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