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Using our Ceremony Room

Using our Ceremony Room

Wokingham Ceremony Room

Wokingham Ceremony Room

We have a Ceremony Room which can be used 7 days a week and is available to book

The room can accommodate the couple and a maximum of 26 guests. 

Photography, music and decoration

Before the ceremony the Superintendent Registrar will discuss arrangements with the photographer/ video operator.

We are happy for a professional photographer or 1 designated guest to take pictures during the ceremony as long as it's not disruptive. Using a flash is discouraged. Video recording of the ceremony will be permitted as long as it's not disruptive. 

The signing of the real register can't be photographed. However we do provide a fake register and pen for photograph posing at the end of the ceremony.

Any group photography is done at the end of the ceremony.

Once the photographer is finished the rest of the guests can take photos.

Wokingham Ceremony Room

You can provide your own flowers which can be delivered on the day, or use the silk flower pedestals provided.

For music you can use your own CD player / iPod or use our CD player which takes an iPod 4. The music player must be operated by a guest. If you use our player bring in your CDs before the ceremony so we can check they will play on our equipment. 

For advice about music and readings for your ceremony visit wedding venues and advice

Fees for ceremonies in our Ceremony Room

  • Monday to Thursday - £148
  • Friday - £262
  • Saturday and Sunday - £302
  • Bank Holiday - £416

How to book

To book our ceremony room call us on 0118 974 6554.

What happens after booking

You'll receive:

  • A letter confirming details of your booking
  • Information about your legal requirement to give notice
  • A wedding pack including the details of your ceremony form (PDF document) that allows you to personalise your ceremony - complete and return this as soon as possible  

On the day

  • Before the ceremony starts the Registrar or Civil Partnership Officer will need to check that the details given during the 'legal notice' appointment are updated
  • If you prefer each person can be interviewed separately to avoid seeing each other before the ceremony
  • If you choose to be interviewed together arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start
  • If you choose to be interviewed separately partner 1 arrives 20 minutes before and partner 2 arrives 10 minutes before  
  • No documentation is required at this stage
  • Food or alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the Ceremony Room for 1 hour before the ceremony
  • No guests will be allowed to take a drink with them into the wedding room
  • The signing of the register or schedule is done in the Ceremony Room - sign with a usual signature and the bride signs with her pre-wedding signature not in her new husband's name

Pre-ceremony appointment

If you want to discuss your ceremony more you can book a 30 minute appointment with us two to three weeks before hand.

Appointments are during normal working hours and cost £22.

Phone 0118 974 6554 to make an appointment.

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