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Register a birth

Register a birth

Register a birth within 42 days

All births must be registered within 42 days of the child being born. The registration takes place at the local Register Office for the area where the baby was born.

Babies born in Wokingham Borough

If your baby is born anywhere in Wokingham Borough, for example at home, she/he will be registered at the Wokingham Register Office. To register a birth in Wokingham Borough call 0118 974 6000 for an appointment.   Appointments take about 30 minutes and are held at our Register Office in Wokingham.

Who needs to attend to register a birth

  • For married couples only one parent needs attend (but both are welcome)
  • For unmarried couples the mother must attend. If the mother wants the father's details to be recorded both parents must attend
  • The child does not need to be there (but is welcome)

What information is needed to register a birth

  • The child's date of birth, full names, surname and NHS number
  • The mother's forename(s), surname, maiden name (if applicable), month and year of marriage (if applicable), current address (and address at time of birth if different), date of birth, place of birth (town if within UK, or country if abroad and occupation 
  • The father's forename(s), surname, current address if not married to the mother, date of birth, place of birth (town if within UK, or country if abroad and occupation
  • To ensure accuracy of this information bring the baby's NHS red book and either your passport, driving licence, utility bill, birth certificates, deed polls or any marriage / civil partnership certificates    

During your appointment you will be asked to check the paper copy of the registration before signing. It is important that you check all the information on the document before signing, paying careful attention to the spelling of names and places as well as dates.

It is your responsibility to make sure all information is correct before signing. Once you have signed the register entry it becomes a legal document. If any error is noticed after signing, a correction would then be required. From 1 November 2017 national fees apply for corrections (£75 to £90).  A fee of £40 is also payable for adding to a child’s forename(s) following registration.


Birth certificates cost £4 each:

  • Births at home within the Wokingham borough we can accept payment by cash or card - the birth is registered in Wokingham and we produce certificates during the appointment
  • Births at Royal Berkshire Hospital we can accept payment by card - information will be taken by us and forwarded to Reading Register Office who'll register the birth and send the birth certificate to you

Babies born outside Wokingham Borough

If your baby was born outside of Wokingham Borough, your baby will be registered at the Register Office local to that area. 

If your baby is born in the Royal Berkshire Hospital you can book an appointment with Reading Register Office. 

For  Frimley Park you can book an appointment with Surrey Registration service. 

Alternatively you can contact any other Register Office in England and Wales, including Wokingham, to book a birth declaration appointment to complete and sign a declaration. This information will then be sent to the Register Office where the birth took place and the registration will be recorded there. You do not receive any certificates on the day of declaration but the birth certificates can be posted by that office to your home address. There will be a delay of several days before you receive the certificates.

Find out more 

Visit who can register a birth on the Gov.uk website.

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